Prototype To Production

Specific offers the only electronics solution that can be delivered fast enough for prototyping and in large volume for production.

Build your prototype on the same electronics you will use at volume. Avoid costly re-engineering and development disruptions.

Custom Electronics

With Specific, you can create a board that is tailor-made to your use case. You don't need to settle for an off-the-shelf board with cost and complexity you don't need.

Unique Manufacturable Devices

Including one that is specifically for you.
  • Modular

    Use our online tools to design your own board. Include only what you want and none of what you don't. Select from our design library of features or extend your board with your own custom circuitry.

  • Extensible

    Need a feature we haven't anticipated? Want to protect proprietary IP? Specific electronics are open and extensible. Tap into the board's power and data buses to add your own extensions, daughter cards, or connected devices.

  • EE Optional

    You don't need in-house electrical engineering experience to build electronics with Specific. We've built it to be used by any developer or technical staff member.

Security Comes Standard

They days of hoping a security breach won't happen are over. All devices, and especially IoT devices, need to be secure. All Specific electronics comes with secure key storage, hard-coded unique identifiers, and hardware accelerated cryptography. We are baking security into the design of the boards so you don't need to worry about it.

Managed Supply Chain

7 days

Rapid Delivery

We ship your custom hardware within seven business days. Iterate faster when prototyping. Tie up less money in inventory with Just-In-Time ordering.

5 years

Long-Term Availability

Your custom electronics are available for a minimum of five years after your first purchase. We manage the suply chain so you don't need to. Avoid unexpected re-engineering and re-certification.

$ $ $

Cost Optimized

We buy components in volume and pass on the savings. We are able to buy in volumes greater than any one of our customers.